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 Are you ready to transform your network marketing business and join the next evolution of our industry? To shift from fairy-tales that focus on stories of riches, to realistic businesses that pay on so many more levels.

The world is changing at breakneck speed and the fight for people’s attention has never been greater. Network marketing is the perfect vehicle to cut through the noise and make a real difference, but only when we learn to harness the real power of what we have… the power to connect.

In this book you will learn how to develop the way you think and behave to propel your business into next generation of Connection Marketing. (Connection Marketing by Fran Boorman)
  “This intelligent, mature book leads the way for change.”
Daniel Priestley, 4 Times Best-Selling Author, Leader in Entrepreneurial Thinking
“Fran is part of a new and refreshing breed of leader. Read this if you want some rational perspectives and wise insights.”
Wes Linden, Top-Ranking Leader; Amazon Best-Selling Author; Host of The Mastermind Event
“A ‘must read' for anyone in the Network Marketing industry.”
Carol Sinfield, Top-Ranking Network Marketing Professional and UK Leader
“Great food for thought, and a must for thriving in the future of Network Marketing.”
Diana Page, Top-Ranking Network Marketing Professional and UK Leader
“Fran gives each of us a powerful roadmap, now it’s up to us to take action.”
Kyle and Kierston Kirschbaum, Top-Ranking Network Marketing Professionals and US Leaders

The beginning of the story...

Here is an extract from the first chapter

Chapter 1 – The Fairy Tale of Network Marketing

You probably joined network marketing for money. I’m going to show you how focusing on money is holding you back.

You probably also feel nervous, uncomfortable and almost ‘dirty’ when you offer your business to your friends and family. Many of us don't tell most people about it at all. For those people brave enough to talk openly about network marketing, they often find their excitement is misread and scares people off. I am going to show you how to build such a strong connection you will want to tell the world and the world will want to listen. In fact, I will be bold enough to say, the world will also want to follow you.

To do this we need to stop looking for quick fix magic pills and easy to teach skills. We need to start asking better questions about why we are not succeeding so we can find better answers. To do this we need to learn about a new way of marketing that has the power to change everything... Connection Marketing.

Our first fairy tale

There is a scene from Peter Pan when Wendy Darling and her brothers are sitting at the table for their first meal in Neverland. Peter shouts, “Dig in” and the Lost Boys dive into what appear to be empty bowls with such excitement and glee. The new kids around the table are confused and frustrated. They are starving hungry, but they can’t see the delicious food to pick up.

Sound familiar? This is how many people in network marketing feel. They are sitting around the table desperate to get stuck in but they don't know how. The Darlings ask, in fact, they beg the lost boys to let them into the secret of how they are satisfying themselves. Eventually, they tell Wendy to simply believe, to effectively change her mindset so she can see the wonderful fruits they can see. Well, this is a fairy tale, so almost magically the Darlings grow the belief and they too can join the phenomenal feast. 

No doubt you have been told many times that to be successful in network marketing we simply need to have belief in ourselves, our company, and our products. We need to have good posture and share that confidently with the people around us. But what does it actually mean and how do we achieve this? We are sold the ‘dream of network marketing’ like it is some sort of fairy tale. But it is not, and simply being told to believe is not enough.

No doubt you have also been told that to achieve success in network marketing you need to communicate with people what you do and what your company has to offer. But once again this does not cut it anymore. We are now constantly communicated at from every direction, including through social media, news feeds, email bombardments, and messaging apps. There is so much noise that none of us has a clue what to listen to anymore; all we know is that we can’t listen to it all! Simply telling people about our network marketing business is not enough either. 

We need to stop blabbering out our fairy tales and start getting real with people. But what do we tell them? In fact, what do we tell ourselves? How do we explain to people this amazing gift that we have? How do we teach people to sit at the table and eat with us? 

Connection Marketing is about addressing a new world and maturing the network marketing industry. What we have to offer is so powerful and so perfect for the world we live in, but we need to learn how to serve it to that world. We need to turn our fairy tale into a reality for you, for me and for all the other people who we can impact.  Connection Marketing is about measuring our success not simply through the fairy tale of retiring on beaches. It is about appreciating that what we do is greater than one person’s earnings; network marketing has the power to change people’s lives in so many ways.

We live in a world more connected than ever before, yet people feel lonely. It is a world full of opportunity, yet people feel unfulfilled and unable to access it. With network marketing we have a vehicle to step above these challenges and create a community, which unites people. We have an opportunity to be part of something greater than ourselves; something meaningful and worthwhile.

Our real value is not money, it is connection. When we start trading in connection we harness our real power. Business will be so much more fun to build that we won’t want to be sitting on a beach twiddling our thumbs anymore, because together we will be changing the world!

So, pull up a chair to the table of network marketing and let’s start the feast together.

Welcome to Connection Marketing.
Fran Boorman - International Best Selling Author - Successful Entrepreneur and Influencer. Committed to leading the way for small businesses in unlocking their potential by becoming purpose and impact driven.