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Services and Opportunities

Fran offers a range of services to help individuals and companies Give, Connect and Grow

  1. Speaking
    Book an engaging and insightful speaker for your next event
  2. International Ventures
    Experience how to Give, Connect and Grow yourself and your business with our 12 month training that culminates in a meaningful overseas expedition.
  3. Business Opportunity
    Fran attributes much of her success Network Marketing. Find out how to get hands on business training by having your own part time business.
  4. Workshops
    Book Now for Fran's next training - Fearless Futurists - Finding the real success in your business.
  5. Bestselling Book
    Fran has two international bestselling books. They are a great way to learn some insights on Giving, Connection and Growth.
  6. Coaching
    Coming Soon... Fran offers an engaging program of one-to-one and small group coaching sessions. Please contact Fran on 07828 085778 if you are ready to get started
Fran Boorman - International Best Selling Author - Successful Entrepreneur and Influencer. Committed to leading the way for small businesses in unlocking their potential by becoming purpose and impact driven.