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Speaches that Give, Connect and Grow
Fran is an accomplished and inspiring speaker having engaged with audiences of up to 4000 people. 

Due to her extensive 'real life' business experience she can deliver a message with authenticity and honesty. 

Her specialty is in helping change the perspective of an audience. She will open their minds to whole new ways of thinking about themselves and their businesses.

Fran speaks on many subject including
  • Women's successful roles in business
  • Network Marketing
  • Business as a force for good
  • Market and millennial trends
  • Creating connection in business
  • Cutting through marketing noise

"Knowledgeable, funny and with a piercing insight into the changing world of small businesses, Fran easily engaged with the audience and proved why she is a very successful entrepreneur and valued director. Feedback from delegates was overwhelmingly positive, with one guest saying he thought it was the best presentation he had ever seen at a networking event. As you may guess, I highly recommend her!"
Alison Parmar, Federation of Small Businesses

To request a speaker pack and book Fran for your next event please get in contact:

Tel: 07828 085778

Previous Speaking Engagements

A selection of some recent appearenaces and topics of discussion!

  1. Network Marketing National Event
    Network Marketing National Event
    At a national company convention of several thousand people Fran talked about engaging audiences through social media. (Sept 17)
  2. FSB Business Breakfast
    FSB Business Breakfast
    Talking to business owners of SMEs about how to accelerate growth by engaging in the new world that we live. (May 18)
  3. Charles Angels Event
    Charles Angels Event
    Speaking to a room of 180 female business owners about how how they can achieve their goals and be more than 'just a mum'. (Jun 18)
  4. Network Marketing Regional Meeting
    Network Marketing Regional Meeting
    Presenting to 50 network marketers how to harness the power of their business through human connection (Apr 18)
  5. Connection Marketing Launch
    Connection Marketing Launch
    To celebrate the launch of Fran's first book which achieved best seller status she presented tactics for futuristic businesses in an evening event
  6. Mums In Business (TW)
    Mums In Business (TW)
    A one hour interactive talk guiding small business owners to think bigger and take advantage of current market trends (May 18)


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Fran Boorman - International Best Selling Author - Successful Entrepreneur and Influencer. Committed to leading the way for small businesses in unlocking their potential by becoming purpose and impact driven.