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International Ventures

Experience your true power In partnership with Raise Global
Join a 12-month transformational training programs that change people's lives by expereincing 'Give, Connect and Grow'.

  • Five UK based training weekends followed by a two-week overseas expedition.
  • Learn to harness the power of GIVING to impact you and your business.
  • Emotionally CONNECT with the power within you and your business.
  • Experience our unique training system to GROW you and your business.

I am a big believer in experiential learning and taking people out of their comfort zones in a safe, supportive environments - giving them the space to have their breakthroughs. That is exactly what we do on a Raise Venture.
As part of a small team we coach you through this lifechanging experience where you gain a new perspective on your and your business. 
There are two ways to get involved in a Raise Venture. Either as a particiapant or as a paid expeidtion leader. 
We provide full training and support to everyone who becomes part of the Raise community. 

Select how you would like to be involved:

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on becoming a particiapant on one of our next Venture Programs
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on how to earn a supplimenary income by becoming a leader alongside your business / job
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Fran Boorman - International Best Selling Author - Successful Entrepreneur and Influencer. Committed to leading the way for small businesses in unlocking their potential by becoming purpose and impact driven.