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Fran creates inspiring businesses that have a positive impact and she empowers others to do the same.

Business for Good is Good for Business

Fran is a company CEO and Founder who creates market leading success through her strong belief of using business to drive a positive social impact. She is an engaging and empowering keynote speaker with a strong public presence and influence.
Having an inspiring portfolio of her own enterprises she is committed to leading a change in the way business is understood and practiced.

"Every once in a while you meet an entrepreneur that is on the move, has momentum and importantly has their heart in the right place. If you get a chance to work with Fran, or attend her seminars... GRAB IT. Fran plays an A-Game, expects an A-Game and delivers World Class. Sincerely, Fran is one of the 'top five people' you need to hang out with."  

Andrew Priestly
Top International Business Advisor and Publisher


An exciting portfolio of enterprises and giving initiatives

Fran has a proven track record in creating engaging and inspiring businesses. Having built a multimillion-pound enterprise around her young children she has gone on to become involved in many other exciting organisations. Learn more about her businesses, board positions and giving back here


Professional TEDx speaker who talks with authenticity and real life business experience

If you are looking for an engaging speaker for your next event, someone who can talk about their own real-life experience of build successful businesses, then Fran can offer real value. She is an engaging and inspiring speaker who talks from first-hand experience of what it takes to build sustainable and profitable businesses in today's markets. Fran shares her own enlightening intellectual property with passion and energy that empowers the audience to strive onwards and upwards. Find out more here


Regular contributor to BBC Radio, Press and Social Media Appearances

Discover more of Fran's profile in the public eye.  Across many media Fran can be found sharing insights and motivation to help other achieve. Find out how to get in contact with Fran and access the latest press releases and resources. More here


Best-selling books and Insightful Blog Posts

Read more of Fran's insights and published articles both in the format of her international best-selling books, as well as her engaging blog posts. Read here


Get to know the girl behind the success - an independent mum of two 

Learn more about Fran, her previous success, hobbies and plans for the future. Read here

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